Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ok so I thought I was coming on here to tell you that I didn't make my goal of ten pounds lost, because when I weighed myself yesterday I was actually up a few ozs, but then I thought- maybe ill go weigh myself again since im here (I do not own a scale, I only weigh myself at work) so I did and WAHOO 218.4!!!  SUPER HAPPY!

My newest cardio exercise....picking up some hand weights and turning up the music and dancing like a fool with my little man. My favorite exercise yet ;)

GW- 165
2.2lb loss this week
TOTAL LOSS- 11.6lbs since January 1st 2012
Next mini goal: 215

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Thats what stands between me and a ten pound weight loss milestone.

As long as I stay on goal for this week I should hit it by next weigh in! Super excited!!

We had the flu in the house since friday (little man was the only one sick) so I missed 2 zumbas and havent done anything at home except some light cardio one day and some light weight lifting one day..nothing really. I also did have some valentines treats but I kept myself accountable and really practiced control. I also got my monthly visitor 3 days ago (4 days early! how unfair!) so I wasnt really looking forward to weighing in, but im so happy to see a loss.

GW- 165
1.2lb loss this week
TOTAL LOSS- 9.4lbs since January 1st 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Goals for next week.

I weighed in on tuesday at 221.8. I am SO close to ten pounds down! I need to step it up on the work outs though, I can feel myself losing motivation. Im itching for it to warm up outside so we can start walking, and im going to buy a jogging stroller so I can try out the couch to 5K program. I'd love to participate in the color fun run in MN in July. Our 2nd anniversary is that week and it would be a hell of a good way to celebrate another year down and a new year with my best friend.

Yesterday I was proud of myself. Me and little man went grocery shopping and we spent more time in the produce section then any other section. We also didnt even GO down the processed food aisles. Made it out of the store for 80 dollars and other then some more meat and the gallon of milk I forgot we should be good for a couple weeks.

I feel like im making the right steps. I have made a drastic change in my eating habits, I just need to keep them that way. And im working out which i've never done before. I need to work out more then just one hour twice a week though so thats my goal for this next week.

1st Weeks goal:(starting tuesday the 14th  since thats my next "weigh in day")
Do cardio and/or weights for 20+ mins at least every other day
Reach the 10lb weight loss mark. Thats 1.8lbs from tuesday the 7ths weight.

SW 1-1-12----230
CW 2-7-12----221.8
GW           -----165  (but this weeks mini goal is 220!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Another thing that really sparked this interest in being healthy is Zumba.
I had read that there was a class starting in my little town and I was interested. So I asked a friend if she wanted to check it out, and so we did. And I LOVE it. It gets me moving and while it is hard, it feels SO good when its done.

Its 1 hour, twice a week and because of that I wanted to eat healthier because I didnt want the zumba to be cancelled out by junk food. Then I was feeling lazy on the days I didnt have zumba so I looked into other ways to workout. Im kinda addicted now. :) I do Netflix work out videos, The wii active, internet work out videos, long walks, im hoping to get a jogging stroller so I can start couch to 5k, and Im going to pick up a jump rope when the snow melts so I can do that while little man plays outside this summer.

If you would have told me even 2 months ago that I would actually enjoy working out, I would have laughed in your face. But I really am, and thats how I know this time is differnt. I WANT to do it. I WANT to feel my muscles burn, I WANT to be out of breath, I WANT to see definition in my legs/arms rather then jiggle.  And Zumba is SO much fun! 

If you havent tried it yet, I highly suggest it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh Down Under

200lbs that is. Right now my weight has reached an all time high. 

Some background. I've always thought I was fat. Until about 11th grade when I finally got comfortable in my skin, I wasn't wearing bikinis or showing off my body but I realized I'm wearing the same size as all my friends so there was really nothing to fret over...

Flash forward. I graduate at 17, move in with my then boyfriend, we get engaged and then a few years later married, and then right away had a baby. I was very sick during my pregnancy and only gained about 20lbs. I came home from the hospital 3lbs under my pre pregnancy weight of 175.

Life got extremely busy, we had our son in the middle of the holiday season. Then we had a super busy summer and when the holidays and his birthday party were over, I was looking at photos and I HATED them. Over the past year I have gained 55 POUNDS! I look horrible. I have a double chin, fat arms and huge thighs (and thats not even mentioning the gut) ugh!

So it was time for a change... a BIG change. And for the first time in my life I want, I want it so bad I can taste it. I think about it non stop. I feel like its so doable, that everything just clicked. I want to tell everyone about all the hard work I'm doing for myself, but I know no one IRL really cares :) So I started this blog. I hope you'll enjoy following my journey and please, reach out to me so we can support each other on this extremely hard, but so SO worth while journey.

Starting weight-230
Current weight-225
Goal weight-165 (for a healthy BMI)