Saturday, July 14, 2012

Its been slow

Moving around here thats for sure. I know I need to get off my butt and exercise but finding the energy is hard. I've thought about going for a physical and checking somethings like iron levels and such to find our why I suddenly lost all my energy (other then the obvious not working out, vicious cycle that one is isnt it? You have no ernergy to work out because you didnt workout to get more energy. sigh.)

Well the weight has been slow moving too. I weighed in this morning at 189.8 The lowest i've been all week, usually hovering from 190-193.

Time to crack down again and lose another ten pounds.

...then another..

...and another to be at goal.

GW-165 for a healthy BMI.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting back into the game.

Last week or so I made a post in my facebook fitness group about how I was sabotaging myself....and I knew it. It was time to crack back down. Id been hovering at 198-199 for a few weeks. So after cracking down on the tracking..going back to eating chicken everday for lunch...and keeping myself accountable I stepped on the scale today at 191.2!! I surpassed my 195 goal so now the next one is 190!

GW-165(for a healthy bmi)
Total of 38.8 lost!! Only 26ish lbs left!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Link up. Body after Baby

Sally over at Exploits of a military mama has started a Body after Baby link up.

Heres where I stand on my weight loss journey.

starting weight 230
current weight 198
Current Goal weight 195 (I keep my goals small)
Ultimate goal weight 165-155

I use myfitnesspal to track calories (Add me S/N MrsKearns!) and I do a bootcamp 3 times a week with a workout video from netflix (or I youtube the first level of 30DS) or a run on my days "off" 

I will be running my first 5k in a few short weeks. EEK :)

Ill add some pictures soon. I only took semi naked before pictures so im going to try and track some better ones down so I dont have to bare all to the interwebs. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update. Morning weigh in.

UPDATE: AS of saturday morning (JUNE 2nd) I weighed in at 198.0!! I dont usually get to weigh myself in the mornings (I usually weigh in around 6pm due to work schedules) so I had to see what it'd say. Im Pretty pleased. Now onto 195!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hard work pays off.

Im am so very proud today to tell you all that I weighed in UNDER 200lbs today!

199.8..but still its under 200!

So recap. starting weight as of January 1st 2012----230
                              Current weight                            199.8
                               Total weight Loss                       30.2lbs
  34.8 more pounds to go until I reach my first big goal of 165.  :D

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

boot camp

Bootcamp has started. Day 1 and 2 of 30 are in the books.


I HATE it.

While im doing it....afterwards its actually pretty fun.

The first day(tuesday) was about 10 min warm up, first 25 minutes lifting 3lb weights, then 25 minutes of things I cant even begin to name (like step ups on the bleachers (effing hard!) or the thing where you run across a field sideways, (and keep in mind we're holding 3lbs weights for all of these...and when we run) or do ten push ups and run the length of the field then 9 push ups and repeat and then 8 push ups and repeat) then a 10 minute cool down/stretching/ab yea. I die. I cant believe im paying someone to kill me like this. I spent all of high school AVOIDING this stuff in gym class. Total 180 for me.

The second day (wednesday, today!) was a warm up, then we jogged down this big hill and did 5 excercises (all while holding those weights!) and then ran back up the hill, did 5 more, jogged some then ran down this HUGE sledding hill, did 5 more and then ran UP the HUGE sledding hill and jogged back to the feild to do 5 more excercises. Then I left because it was 7am and I had to get home so hubby could go to work so I missed the cool down/stretching.

Friday is when they will be introducing the nutrition part of this...which is optional but advised for best results. Im interested to see what this entails and I hope to follow it as well.

Im really not as sore as I thought i'd be but we'll see how I feel in the morning. :) Im sticking this out because I REALLY want the results. This summer is all about getting **strong**<--my muscles LOL

Friday, May 25, 2012

30 down!

Well yesterday was a exciting day. Not only did I receive a call back about a possible second job that I could work around my current job, and my hubby got some good news concerning his job, and was able to stay late last night for some over time (and brought the pay home that night even!) but I also weighed in at 200.0!!!

I am officially 30lbs lighter.

30lbs are officially GONE and not invited back EVER.

So to sum it all up :::       I was 230 as of january 1st 2012
                                         im now 200
                                         and my goal is 165..35 lbs to go!<<I love seeing that number get smaller.