Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guess What!?!

I hit my next mini goal of 20lbs lost!!



LOST-20 total

Next mini goal is to hit 215 for 25lbs lost. Only 45 more pounds to go until final goal of 165!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week four down!

So its time for a update. I just finished week four of my running class. Its definitely getting easier but we also go longer so I still have to push myself. Breathing is my biggest obstacle and once I get that under control I'm good to go. I am really slow though. I swear I repeat "a 12 minute mile and 10 minute mile is still a mile" a million times but I really try to pace myself.

I've gone out on a few runs on my own for my homework or just because and they've gone really well but I do like being in class more. The other people motivate me. Which is why I signed up for a ten week body challenge for the summer its 5 days a week for the whole summer. Its definitely going to be a challenge but I know it will be worth it in the end. THIS is the summer it happens. This year for Halloween ill be wearing a sexy costume ;)

So here are this weeks results.
SW as of 1-1-12 was 230lbs
GW is 165

CW 211.8!!

Im 18lbs down, only 2 more until im 20lbs down which is my next mini goal. It feels GREAT! I know the next twenty will really make a difference for OTHER people to start noticing.