Wednesday, May 30, 2012

boot camp

Bootcamp has started. Day 1 and 2 of 30 are in the books.


I HATE it.

While im doing it....afterwards its actually pretty fun.

The first day(tuesday) was about 10 min warm up, first 25 minutes lifting 3lb weights, then 25 minutes of things I cant even begin to name (like step ups on the bleachers (effing hard!) or the thing where you run across a field sideways, (and keep in mind we're holding 3lbs weights for all of these...and when we run) or do ten push ups and run the length of the field then 9 push ups and repeat and then 8 push ups and repeat) then a 10 minute cool down/stretching/ab yea. I die. I cant believe im paying someone to kill me like this. I spent all of high school AVOIDING this stuff in gym class. Total 180 for me.

The second day (wednesday, today!) was a warm up, then we jogged down this big hill and did 5 excercises (all while holding those weights!) and then ran back up the hill, did 5 more, jogged some then ran down this HUGE sledding hill, did 5 more and then ran UP the HUGE sledding hill and jogged back to the feild to do 5 more excercises. Then I left because it was 7am and I had to get home so hubby could go to work so I missed the cool down/stretching.

Friday is when they will be introducing the nutrition part of this...which is optional but advised for best results. Im interested to see what this entails and I hope to follow it as well.

Im really not as sore as I thought i'd be but we'll see how I feel in the morning. :) Im sticking this out because I REALLY want the results. This summer is all about getting **strong**<--my muscles LOL

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