Friday, March 9, 2012


I weighed in on wednesday at 217. Not a great loss but not a gain so thats good. My running class starts on tuesday so as of next week my work out schedule will be:
Monday- 1 hour zumba
Tuesday- running class
thursday- running class
One run "homework" session over the weekend.

Im really excited to take my measurments on monday and see what results I can get out of this class.

Its a 10 week running session for beginners. It teaches you HOW to run and by the end of the ten weeks the goal is to be able to run for a half hour comfortably. Im SO excited. Two of my friends are doing it with me and I know that the early morning excercises will suck at 6am but at 7am ill be really happy its done for the day.

Current GW- 215
Main GW-165
Total lost since jan 1st 2012 --13lbs

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