Friday, March 16, 2012

Running class

Ok so I survived week one of my running class.

Tuesday monring at 5:30 I woke up and got my new running clothes on and my shoes laced up, grabbed my water and went out the door. Then I got hit with how freakin cold it was! With the weather being so nice I definitly was not expecting that. It also definitly made it less enjoyable. I was cussing myself out for starting this while I was running lol

Day one was 2 minutes walking followed by 2 minutes jogging. Repeated for 30 minutes. It came out to 2.25 Miles. I am a mouth breather, and the SO very cold air was making it very dificult for me to breathe but I made it.

Afterwards I was SOO happy and felt so accomplished. I was so glad that I didnt have to worko out again becuase it was already out of the way. I had planned to go home and be all full of energy and then when I got home I was still so cold that I crawled back into bed and fell back asleep! lol

Day two-Thursday was so much better. It was warmer, and I could breathe better. This day we did the same thing but with 3 minute jogs instead. I didnt feel like I was killing myself, and it was more light out then on tuesday so I really enjoyed myself. And I was able to go home and stay awake lol I went and grabbed little man and we went on a three mile walk!! (we went to a resturaunt for breakfast and then walked home, it was three miles total! I mapped it out on, so useful!)

 I also get homework. I have to do a walk/jog alternating every two minutes for 40 minutes total, and also go on a walk two other days and leave one rest day. So today is my rest day(getting my toes done today =)) and tomorrow im going to do my run then on sunday and monday me and ryelin will make sure to take a walk.
Also I took all my measurments on monday, and im super excited to see what they are at the end of this.

So so far so good. One week down, only 9 more to go.

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